Meet the owner of Unabashed Beauty - Daniel Buehler


Who is Daniel Buehler?

I’m a proud father of two amazing daughters – they are energetic little laugh factories. I’m also a lucky husband. My wife is my high-school sweetheart and every year we fall even more in love. I grew up in Toronto in the 80’s and 90’s and then moved north to a small town that’s still surrounded by farmland and forests.

Hobbies, interests, what makes you tick?

I was practically raised on a sailboat and it's stuck with me my entire life. My entire family are sailors and we are all happiest when we're surrounded by nature. I look for any excuse to be by the water; sailing, swimming, hiking, camping, anything that keeps me outdoors.

So why Boudoir photography?

Portraiture has always been my favourite photographic genre. I started out photographing weddings and family portraiture. Presenting someone with beautiful images of their wedding day, or family is an incredible feeling. But it’s just not the same as seeing someone react to their boudoir photographs. Not even close.

Boudoir photography is all about you. When you see yourself looking gorgeous, radiant, and sexy, it will change the way you see yourself and the way you feel about yourself.

“Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear” – Blake Lively

Being a part of such a favourable experience is extremely rewarding, personally and professionally. I feel very lucky to have a positive influence on the lives of the women I get to work with.


How did you learn to take photos like this?

I’ve been taking photos for the last 30 years. My dad taught me the basics of photography around the time I learned to ride a bike. I’ve always pushed myself to learn, experiment, and improve my skills. But a few years back I decided I wanted to go back to school and learn from the best. I worked incredibly hard and got very lucky. My professors were leaders in their fields and taught me the knowledge they had accumulated throughout their lengthy and successful careers.

I had professors who could explain how the position of a finger, or the slight bend of a wrist could make or break an image. Other professors would demonstrate subtle nuances of light quality and how it works to shape and flatter a subject. The lessons were in depth and incredibly rewarding.

Since graduating, I’ve maintained my education through memberships with professional photography associations both nationally and internationally. I’ve learned that the learning never stops and I’ll always be working hard to stay at the cutting edge of this exceptionally rewarding industry.

 Creating fine-art imagery challenges me, rewards me, and is something I truly love to do.

What is your goal for a boudoir session?

The true magic of a great photograph is the coming together of all the little details. Most people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera and have never thought about complementing their natural form with a graceful pose. But that’s what I’m here for. That’s what I do. I’ll help you feel comfortable. You’ll forget about the camera. We’ll work through poses that bring out the best in you and flatter your every curve.

 I take my inspiration from classic painters – true artists who knew how to celebrate the uniqueness of an individual. They created works of art that embraced and celebrated natural beauty and supported it through the use of composition and storytelling. I want my images to be the photographic equivalent of a fine art portrait. I want to highlight elegance and grace in the human form.

 I strive to capture your true and uninhibited personality. I want your images to feel personal and treasured. I want you to look at your photographs and see your true self - at ease and looking your absolute best.